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Mat David Osman was born on October 9, 1967, in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK. Then moved to Haywards Heath. In the city he studies in a high school with Brett. They met together and started a band called Geoff with two other local boys. Gareth Perry and Danny Wilder. And Geoff then mutated into Suave and Elegant The very first story of Suede began. Soon he and Brett moved to London, where he studied uni in, in 1986. Then started the band Suede with Justine Frischmann (now in Elastica). He's a founder member of Suede, he is, he will always be. Who makes Suede's golden ages with his bass guitar.

Questionaire from the Coming Up tour book--
Favourite soup? Shawaks Indian
What is the punchline to your favourite joke? I could boil you in an egg
Favourite insult? Twat/ You rancourous coiffured old sow
What makes you happy on a Saturday Night? Sunday off
Most popular misconception about yourself? That I'm in Suede
Song you wish you had written? Brass Buttons -- Gram Parsons
Song you wish you hadn't written? You're a piss-hour plague-round 
Tell us a secret. I'm 3'6
Who were you in a previous life? Osman II The Lunatic King of Turkey