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Donna: Hello, and welcome back to Select. Now, as promised, we have got Mat from Suede on the telephone.
Hello Mat!
Mat: Hello Donna!
Donna: Y'alright? How are ya?
Mat: I'm doing alright..
(they play recorded applause)
Donna: We've got applause for ya!
Mat: You've got what?
Donna: We've got applause for ya..
Mat: Have you? I can't hear it, I've got my TV turned down, I'll have to take your word for it.
Donna: So, where are you now?
Mat: I'm at home, I haven't left the house for this week.
Donna: And where's home for you?
Mat: In White City.
Donna: White City?
Mat: In the middle of London.
Donna: And what's the rest of the band up to?
Mat: Err... I think they're all ensconced in their houses... Brett's gone to Barbados for a week.
Donna: Oh, that's very nice.
Mat: Yeah, you know, in the middle of rehearsing, he just went "Oh, I'm gonna nip off for a bit."
Donna: Are you not going anywhere?
Mat: No, I can't afford it.
Donna: Can't ya? Ha ha...
Mat: I'll just have to look at his postcard.
Donna: So has it been a good year for Suede, anyway?
Mat: Yeah, it's been a great year. I mean, we spent most of it travelling really. Until the end of the summer, wewent to the Far East, America....
Donna: Which place did you like the most?
Mat: Umm...
Donna: I went to America, but I didn't like it very much.
Mat: No, but we went to Hong Kong and places like that, which were very good.
Donna: Was it good?
Mat: Yeah. I wish I was there now. The timing was really bad, we toured throughout the summer. We should be
there now really. I wanna be in Thailand now.
Donna: So you're not doing anything for Christmas? Are you staying at home? Are you gonna see your folks oranything?
Mat: I'm going to see my Mum.
Donna: Are ya? With a nice Christmas dinner and that?
Mat: Yeah... twist?
Donna: Ya what?
Mat: Did you say "Am I going to do the twist" with her?
Donna: No, "a nice Christmas dinner and all that".
Mat: I guess so. Well, I don't eat turkey or anything.
Donna: Oh, do you not? Are you a veggie?
Mat: Yeah, there'll probably just be an old potato.. and one carrot.
Donna: OK, so what do you think the classics of 1997 have been, as well? Looking back, who do you think really deserves the success they've had this year?
Mat: OK, I guess The Verve, that's a really good album.
Donna: You're a fan of The Verve?
Mat: Yeah, the first two singles were brilliant. The Radiohead album was really good. Umm... do you like Belle
and Sebastian?
Donna: Belle and Sebastian? No, I've not really...
Mat: Oh, that's a really good record.
Donna: Is it?
Mat: Yeah...
Donna: What kind of music is it?
Mat: You've got the video there, I've seen it before on MTV.
Donna: Oh, have we? Oh, we'll have to stick it on then. So, what classics do you put in, you know, when you'rein the house and you're having a little bit of a social in your house and things? What is in your record collection?
Mat: Do you know "Tonight" by Supergrass?
Donna: Yeah.
Mat: That's the track that I listen to when I get up. That's the only thing that gets me up.
Donna: Oh, really?
Mat: You know, you can't listen to Radiohead as you get out of bed, because you'd stay there all night.
Donna: Yeah, exactly. And who do you reckon will be Christmas number one, need I ask?
Mat: I've no idea actually. I haven't been following it. Who's number one at the moment?
Donna: I think it's still the Teletubbies.
Mat: Well, it's them or the Spice Girls.
Donna: Yeah, something like that.
Mat: Yeah, not much of a choice, is it?
Donna: What are we going to expect from you in the new year?
Mat: Umm.. I dunno, we've just started rehearsing for the first time.
Donna: Yeah, are you gonna be touring or anything like that?
Mat: I guess we'll start recording hopefully in March. And then, by the summer, we should have a record out.
Donna: Nice one.
Mat: And then we'll be all over the place again.
Donna: Excellent, because also, you did a gig with MTV, Live N Direct, and it's gonna be on tonight at 7o'clock.
Mat: I think so, yeah.
Donna: Was it a good gig? It was in Dublin, wasn't it?
Mat: It was a great gig, it was a really good laugh. I mean, it was about the first time we played all the new stuff
off Dog Man Star (don't you mean Coming Up?), and we got outside England, and it was a really good laugh.
We hadn't been in Ireland for a long time, and it's always a really good atmosphere there. Na, that was a laugh.
Donna: Excellent. Well, thanks a lot Mat...
Mat: No, thank you..
Donna: ...for giving us a bell. Have a great Christmas and good luck with everything that's coming up in the new year.
Mat: And you.
Donna: I'm sure it'll go very well.
Mat: Thanks a lot.
Donna: Anyway, we're gonna play Filmstar in your honour. Would you like to introduce it?
Mat: Yeah. This is me and the rest of the band playing Filmstar.
Donna: Excellent, I love it. Cheers, Mat. Hope all goes well. See ya!
Mat: Bye.

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