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Mat's Excerpt of Suede Interview from The Face, April 99

... Mat Osman tells me that the current Suede only really became a band after they made Coming Up. they'd rehearsed the songs to death but had yet to develop a real relationship with one another. It was only on the seemingly endless, 14-month Coming Up tour that they realised they were enjoying being in Suede more than they ever had. Playing in Singapore was particularly entertaining, it being a totalitarian country and in need of a certain release. "It was mad, the show was a complete riot and we were playing through this pre-Soviet equipment... I've never experienced anything like it [Manger] Charlie [Charlton] had to sign something guaranteeing that none of us would impersonate a woman while we were there. Which is quite a fine line when you're talking about Suede.

Mat says he spends all his money on CDs. He sometimes buys 20 at a time in the certain belief that there will be at least one song there that he will treasure and want to play to the rest of the band. " Two hundred quid for a record you are going to have for the rest of your life and always love..." he argues. "That's a good deal, isn't it?"

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